Here’s a question I’m asked regularly:

When is the best time to photograph my newborn baby?

My advice to any expectant parents is this: For the best results it’s best to do your photo-shoot within 7-14 days of baby being born. That way baby will still be very sleepy and easily posed into the photos like the ones you’ve probably seen your photographers portfolio. After this ‘golden period’ babies will often stay awake much longer and stretch out more, which will sometimes make it tricky to get the photos we want.

Around the time of your 20 week scan contact your chosen photographer and get a date booked in. By then you’ll generally know when your delivery date is going to be.

Don’t worry if baby is late or early. Us photographers (and those of us that are parents too) will know that the due date can move so most photographers will be flexible to accommodate.

Booking in early will give you and your photographer a chance to meet in advance. I personally try to meet all my customers in person a few weeks before the photo-shoot and because I work at customers homes we can discuss where in the house has the best natural light. I personally avoid using studio flashes, I’ve used them many times over the years and they often startle baby, and I’ve never been as pleased with the results as I am with natural light. Not to say flashes are bad, they can produce lovely results, but natural light is my preference.

If you can meet your photographer in advance, then I’d strongly advise it. You’ll get know each other a little more and they won’t be a complete stranger on the day.

So, if you’re at the 20 week scan point, call your photographer now!