I love breaking rules. 

When I was originally trained way back in my 6th Form days, I was always taught to shoot for the eyes, and get a connection with the viewer. There are so many ‘rules’ in photography, all designed to help the photographer create images that are more pleasing. Things like ‘the rule of thirds’, ‘negative space’, ‘leading lines’ etc etc.

Do I follow these rules?

For the most part, yes. I love getting my images sharply focussed on the eyes and holding the viewers gaze. But I also love breaking those rules.

Children playing is the most wonderful thing to watch, so isn’t it lovely to capture that in a photo.

Children looking deep in thought always makes me wonder what they’re thinking, what’s going through their tiny little mind.

So here’s a small collection of my images that break that rule. I hope you enjoy them.


Carter-1-2 Carter-1 Faye-1-2 Faye-1-3 Faye-1-4 Faye-1 Sean-1