There’s an endless choice of locations to photograph people at. Everywhere you look you can be sure there will be some kind of wall or texture you can use as a backdrop or somewhere to frame my subjects in. But here are a few of my faves.

The Fallen Tree
(Bluebell Woods in Pett)
Tucked away in the woods behind The Two Sawyers pub in Pett is a delightful little woodland. In the spring the wood is awash with bluebells and a perfect location for portraits. I love this tree, probably because I have personal connection having photographed my own little boy when he had recently learned to stand.

Photography of children


The Log Pile Wood
(Powdermill Woods nr Battle)
Don’t be afraid, there’s no Gruffallo here. But there are heaps of log piles for a fantastic texture to use as a background. Perfect for a photo in all seasons.


The Hill
Dunorlan Park (Tunbridge Wells)
I love the feeling of expanse this area of Dunorlan Park gives. Portraits don’t always need to be close up full or 3/4 body shots. Photographing people from a distance can (and often is) just as rewarding.


Alexandra Park – Hastings
Oh my, where to start. The Bandstand, the steps near the war memorial, the old trees. The list is literally endless.


Hastings Beach
Living in a coastal town, what photographer wouldn’t fall in love with photos by the sea. Hastings has some truly lovely places to photograph people by. From working fishing boats down the old town, the pier, the beach huts and much more. It never fails.