One of the great things about being a photographer is that I get to spend time with GORGEOUS little ones like Faye.

Faye is just adorable in every way. Fab little smile, so pretty and an absolute gem in front of the camera.

The first thing I always think about when I take a booking is where to shoot. I’ve met Faye before as she goes to the same baby gym that my little boy Jack goes to, so I already knew that getting a smile would be the easy bit. So for location I wanted somewhere that would give Faye a little freedom to play around as well as having some interesting backdrops.

Alexandra Park seemed a good choice, tons of space, the weather was looking good, but often the park is busy which creates its own challenges when it comes to photography, so we went early to avoid the crowds which paid off.

Faye pretty much had a free reign and we had fun all the way !

Here’s a few of my faves…



Faye in Alexandra Park

Faye in Alexandra Park



DSC_5313 DSC_5160-Edit DSC_5172lowres-Edit

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