I’m often asked to photograph babies and toddlers because parents want to capture those special memories and milestones before their children grow up all to quickly, and the thing I hear the most, mainly from the mums is . .

oh no I don’t want to be in it, I look awful in pictures.

It is such a shame, because usually people don’t look as bad in photographs as they think they do, but most of all because you’re missing out on capturing special moments of you together, with the most precious beautiful little thing in your life, why not have photos of you together

Come on mums, get in on the picture!
Remember it doesn’t have to be set up poses, smiling at the camera, just play with your little person, cuddle, anything, basically ignore me! You’ll forget I’m there and I’ll get some lovely natural shots for you.

Give your children photographs of you together to look back on when they are grown up, happy and natural !

My most favourite message from a shy mum was this…

“Oh sally your pics arrived today. I’m so thrilled with them. And yes yes yes…there are pics of me and Joe that I love 🙂 Thankyou so very much”

Here are some of my favourites of the mummies that have been persuaded to get in front of the camera…


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  1. Marie Ainsworth

    What amazing photos so natural and unique. Very professional yet comfortable photo shot. Can’t thank you enough Sally for the lasting memories.

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